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Taco Bell Is Bringing Back The Taco Lover’s Pass For Today Only, Here’s How To Get It

Today is National Taco Day which is a pretty good excuse to hit up your favorite local taco spot (plus it’s Taco Tuesday, we doubt that’s an accident). As if you really needed another reason to want tacos. Tacos are amazing, so we’ll pretty much eat them any chance we get, but if you happen to be a Taco Bell fan this isn’t just any old Taco Tuesday/National Taco Day. For today only, Taco Bell Rewards members can sign up for Taco Bell’s Taco Lover’s Pass via the Taco Bell app.

The pass is a digital taco subscription that you can use to score any one of Taco Bell’s seven taco variations once a day for 30 consecutive days.

Taco Bell
Dane Rivera

Taco Bell is already insanely cheap as it is, so you can probably find enough change lying around the house to buy tacos for a month. But the Taco Lover’s Pass, which will only run you $10, offers a lot of savings, which is always welcome as we approach the expensive holiday months. Once you purchase the pass, a new category will unlock in the app which will allow you to claim either the Crunchy Taco, Crunchy Taco Supreme, Soft Taco, Soft Taco Supreme, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, or any of the Doritos Locos Tacos once a day for 30 consecutive days.

That’s a lot of tacos, but no word yet on if this will apply to the possible return of the Double Decker. Fingers crossed!