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Macklemore Claims Adam Silver Is ‘On Board’ With Bringing An NBA Team Back To Seattle

More than a decade has passed since the NBA had a franchise in Seattle, with the SuperSonics infamously moving to Oklahoma City after the 2007-08 season. During the moving process, many pushed back on the decision to leave a strong market in Seattle and, since the moment the Sonics ceased to exist, calls have existed for the league to reach back into Washington with an expansion franchise. Most recently, native son Paolo Banchero indicated that the NBA landing a team in Seattle “should be mandatory” and another prominent local figure, 39-year-old rapper Macklemore, weighed in with a similar sentiment on Monday.

Appearing on ESPN’s NBA Today, Macklemore said he believes “it’s a matter of time” before the NBA is back in his home city, and Macklemore also went as far as to say that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is “on board” with the movement.

To be fair, Macklemore was prompted to give a plea of sorts to bring a team back to Seattle, but he downplayed the need for a plea in this particular case. In fact, he said “I think that Adam (Silver) knows that we are absolutely ready” and extolled the virtues of Climate Pledge Arena as a venue that is “teed up for a team” at this stage.

It isn’t exactly clear as to whether Macklemore has any inside information on Silver’s intentions, but many believe that the NBA will eventually return to Seattle and buzz about a dual expansion to Seattle and Las Vegas has swirled for years. Macklemore went as far as to say “I think Adam (Silver) is with us,” sending a strong signal, and he certainly isn’t alone in hoping for a return to NBA basketball in a great market.