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Alex Jones Decided That He Didn’t Feel Like Testifying Right Now And Is ‘Boycotting’ His Trial On A Private Jet

Alex Jones is such a raging mess when it comes to his various trials that one inevitably thinks about a “big bowl of chili” every time another fiasco erupts. Over five years have passed since Jones claimed that he couldn’t remember basic facts about his own children (while on the stand) because his chili eating had distracted him. That trial didn’t go well for him, nor did the defamation trial that he lost a few months ago, when a jury awarded $50 million in damages to Sandy Hook parents (who won’t receive that full amount due to a Texas limitation).

Jones is currently in the midst of a Connecticut-based defamation trial that’s also tied to his Sandy Hook misinformation, and he had to explain why he gave the “tyrant” judge laser eyes on Infowars, but now, he’s simply fed up with this trial business, full stop. Although Jones was scheduled to testify, he decided to hop on a private jet instead and “boycott” his own trial. Via Mediaite, Jones’ lawyer had to utter the news in open court:

“He’s boycotting these proceedings because he feels he’s on the horns of a trilemma. If he testifies in under the court’s orders, he’ll be committing perjury. If he violates the court’s orders, it’s criminal contempt. If he takes the Fifth, he gets an adverse inference,” [Norm] Pattis said.

From there, Judge Barbara Bellis, who is really earning her paycheck with this trial, declared that the jury won’t be informed of what Jones is rambling about with this statement. She’s also “not having any of that,” although there’s no news on if or when contempt charges could be in the cards. Hope that bowl of chili is worth it!

(Via Mediaite)