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‘NFL Live’ Had A Spectacular Conversation On How QBs Going Shotgun And Under Center Are Different

Let’s be honest: ESPN’s studio shows don’t always care about diving into the nitty gritty of a given sport. This is, of course, a decision that was made based on plenty of analysis that showed it is better business to lean into stuff like debate shows instead of intricate breakdowns of how little things in a sport make a huge different. While it does not mean that you never see big, Xs and Os breakdowns or anything like that, it does mean that they can be drowned out by the latest debate about whether Carmelo Anthony or Bob Sura is a better NBA player or whatever.

Now that all of that is out of the way, NFL Live gave us an outstanding, nearly 9-minute segment in which its panel — hosted by Laura Rutledge, comprised of Ryan Clark, Mina Kimes (who came in on a day off), Dan Orlovsky, and Marcus Spears — discussed how a quarterback lining up in shotgun is different from when he lines up under center. That description does not do it justice, as they go into the weeds on things like how play action is something a defense has to consider when a QB is under center on early downs. It is excellent.

This sort of thing makes sports fans smarter and gives them a glimpse into how former athletes view particular situations in their sports, while Kimes chimes in with data and insight that elevates the conversation and gives context to how it is relevant right now for a team like the Cincinnati Bengals. It rocks, more of this, please.