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The Streaker Who Got Lit Up By Bobby Wagner Filed A Police Report

Monday night’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams wasn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing in NFL history. The Niners defended their home field in a 24-9 victory that was defined by their defense putting the clamps on Matthew Stafford and the Super Bowl champions’ offense.

The most notable moment came in the second half, and it had nothing to do with the game. A streaker ran onto the field with a smoke bomb and was just a little too close to the Rams’ sideline. With an assist from teammate Takk McKinley, Bobby Wagner helped stadium security by lighting the fan up.

As it turns out, the streaker is a protestor with the organization Direct Action Everywhere. TMZ reports that the man left the stadium in the aftermath and went to the Santa Clara Police Department, where he filed a police report over what was called a “blatant assault” by Direct Action Everywhere. Per TMZ:

According to Direct Action Everywhere, the individuals performed the stunt in order to raise awareness for a trial involving the alleged theft of pigs from a factory farm. The org. said the man suffered a burn injury during the incident.

“Otherwise,” they said in a statement, “they’re a bit beaten up but in good spirits.”

Wagner explained his decision to use the hit stick by saying, “You don’t know what that fan got or what they’re doing. You see it all the time, and we don’t know what they’re carrying in their pockets. It’s whatever that little smoke stuff is, but that sh*t could be dangerous.” TMZ noted that Wagner has not been charged with anything.