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Trump Was So Worried About Not Looking Tough That He Forced Aides To Play A Fox News Clip Of Him Being Called ‘Masculine’ Over And Over

Donald Trump has always wanted people to think things about him that aren’t so. He tells his supporters he won, not lost, re-election in 2020. He straight-up makes stuff up about his political opponents. Not only that, but he gloms onto all the nice things people say about him, no matter how un-true. Last month it was revealed that these days he has aides read glowing tweets about him to his face, so he can bask in the glow of praise, no matter how questionable. Now this.

This latest unflattering fleck of dirt of course comes from Confidence Man, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s epic tell-all about her many, many years of covering the man who dubbed her his “psychiatrist.” The reporter went on MSNBC Wednesday, where she talked about how Trump was a bit down in the dumps after the Jan. 6 riot, particularly when his Twitter account was permanently suspended. Luckily, someone on Fox News was there to pick up his spirits. Hogan Gidley, one of the Trump administration’s deputy press secretaries, was asked if the suspension had “emasculated” his former boss.

“I wouldn’t say emasculated,” replied Gidley. “The most masculine person, I think, to ever hold the White House is the president of the United States.”

This elated Trump, who, Haberman said, “called his former adviser to tell him he was correct, and had aides play the video of Gidley speaking several times.”

Sounds like being a Trump aide isn’t one of the country’s better jobs.

Trump, Haberman also claimed, had an obsessive habit of “brandishing photos of scantily clad women with whom he claimed to have been involved.” He even “appeared to keep the photos on hand to illustrate his boastful rendering of masculinity.”

But maybe Trump had a reason to overstate his virility. A few years back, Stormy Daniels, the porn star who was paid to keep quiet about an affair they had in 2006, disclosed her rather unimpressed take on his John Thomas. Trump did not enjoy hearing that — but then, who did?

You can watch Haberman discuss her Trump book on MSNBC below:

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