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Andrade Was Reportedly Trying To Get Fired In AEW Altercation

Andrade’s offscreen feud with Sammy Guevara escalated quickly over the span of a week, conducting an interview where he called out the latter and resulting in an apparent altercation backstage at AEW Dynamite Wednesday night.

More details have emerged on the altercation, with Andrade apparently working to get out of his contract with AEW, as detailed by the Wrestling Observer.

According to Dave Meltzer, roughly three people within AEW want to leave, Andrade is one of them, and “if a guy doesn’t want to be here, they become a cancer in the locker room.” The report details how Guevara and Andrade were both spoken with on Tuesday and told not to fight. Andrade was reportedly then told, “you’re not going to get fired if you fight, but you will be sent home.”

As far as the fight goes, Guevara “for sure” didn’t throw punches and stories differ on whether or not he was physical at all, according to Meltzer. Andrade, on the other hand, did, which is why he was sent home and Guevara went on to earn a pinfall in the main event with Chris Jericho against Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia.

Andrade’s move comes at a time when Triple H is bringing back a slew of ex-WWE star to fill out the roster in the wake of Vince McMahon’s departure. With years left on his deal, we’ll see whether Tony Khan cuts ties with the former WWE star or sticks to his decision to not allow any disgruntled stars out of their contracts.