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Kim Kardashian Interrogated Jeff Bezos Before Allowing Pete Davidson To Go To Space

Even though Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian unfortunately called it quits at the end of the summer, we still have the footage of their short-lived romance to look back on fondly, reliving those carefree moments of the Pete and Kim Saga. Remember the ice cream? Those were the good old days.

While Davidson has yet to appear on the current season of The Kardashians, either due to editing or Davidson’s hesitation to appear in the show, Kim still loves to gush about her then-BF. Earlier this year, Davidson was in talks to go to space on a Blue Origin flight right while he was feuding with Kanye West, you know, normal celebrity things, which Kardashian discussed in the latest episode of Hulu’s series. Before giving her blessing, Kardashian needed to speak to Jeff Bezos to be sure that it was safe.

Kardashian recalled the Challenger Explosion of 1986, which claimed the lives of seven on board, including one civilian, a schoolteacher. “I remember sitting in my kitchen with my dad, with my sisters, and the teacher was on that rocket ship in the ’80s and it exploded,” Kardashian recalled, which is the main source of hesitation for Davidson’s trip. “I remember watching that and I remember what that felt like and my parents crying. Then you hear all these other spaceships crash and it’s, like, really scary.”

It seems like Bezos was able to convince Kardashian that her boyfriend would be fine during the 11-minute space flight. “After talking to Bezos about it and hearing how safe it is, and all the testing and everything they do, I felt comfortable with him going.” Still, Kardashian said she would not go due to having four kids. But she was fine with her boyfriend going!

Despite the major anticipation, Davidson did not end up going on the space excursion due to “scheduling conflicts.” Perhaps space just isn’t ready for that BDE yet.

(Via Collider)