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That Viral ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Display Has Gone Back Up Despite The Upside Down-Hating Neighbors

Not everybody is in the Halloween spirit this year, especially people who hate fun and Stranger Things! Earlier this week, a Chicago couple went viral for their elaborate Halloween display that depicted Max from Stranger Things floating in the air, just like her viral season four moment.

Unfortunately, the neighbors did not like the floating teen, and the couple was forced to take Max down and leave her stranded in the Upside Down forever (probably). “Officers spoke to the owners of the display who indicated that they would take it down if problems persisted,” a spokesperson for the city said. “No further enforcement action was taken or needed.”

The couple was met with so much support that they decided that their display would stay up. “Yesterday, we were planning our tear down. Today we woke up to a flood of overwhelming support telling us to wait,” Dave and Aubrey Appel of HorrorProps wrote on Instagram. “We are not going to let one crazy neighbor ruin the fun for the amazing families and Stranger Things fans who have visited.”

After meeting with the City Manager, the couple was informed that they didn’t do anything wrong and an official complaint was never filed, leaving them perfectly free for their spooky shenanigans. The Halloween display will only be lit up on weekend nights for now, where fans of Stranger Things are encouraged to stop by and take pictures. Just be aware that Vecna can show up at any moment, so get your Kate Bush cassette tapes ready!