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For God Knows What Reason, Dr. Oz Held A Campaign Event In Front Of Hitler’s Car

To say Dr. Oz‘s Pennsylvania senate campaign is a disaster would be an understatement at this point. The TV doctor has been routinely humiliated by his opponent, John Fetterman, which has been pretty easy to do. Like Ted Cruz, Oz is a walking self-own machine, and he can’t help but blunder into situations that really make it seem like his campaign staff hates him. (It probably doesn’t help that Oz has no problem throwing them under the bus.)

This time around, Oz attended a fundraising event in California, which is about as far away from Pennsylvania as it gets. But that’s not the unusual part. The unusual part is that Oz regaled a Republican crowd at the Lyon Air Museum while Adolf Hitler’s actual car sat in the background. You cannot make this up. Via Jezebel:

Photos from the event, of course, surfaced on social media, and Twitter user Larry Tenney shared a screenshot from Instagram stories showing Oz standing on a small podium next to a TV monitor showing the logo for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a hashtag #TheOzShow. Jezebel confirmed the image as coming from the account of Shane Mitchell, who attended the event. Behind Oz is a dark colored wagon that matches photos on the museum’s website of a 1939 Mercedes-Benz Model G4 Offener Touring Wagon. The museum’s own website says:

“This particular G4, 440875, was originally delivered to Adolph Hitler in late 1939 and was used by the Fuhrer in Ober Salzberg, Berlin and Poland until seized by the French Army at Berchtesgaden.”

Making sure your candidate is not standing in front of Hilter’s car is something most campaigns would look out for, but not Dr. Oz’s. After a week of being blasted for allegedly being involved in medical tests that killed hundreds of dogs, Oz is now kicking off the weekend with everyone dunking on him for standing next to Hitler’s car. It should be impossible for these things to happen, and yet, there’s Dr. Oz’s hapless mug again and again and again.

You can see just some of the Hitler’s car reactions below:

(Via Jezebel)