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Fiona Apple Is Emotionally Heading To Middle Earth For Her New ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Song

Fiona Apple is featured as a surprise singer in the finale of The Rings Of Power — a TV Lord Of The Rings prequel. The episode, which will premiere next week, includes a new song “Where The Shadows Lie” and has Apple as the lead vocalist. The track was written by the show’s composer Bear McCreary and produced by him, Apple, and Andrew Slater. For engineering, Jason LaRocca and David Way worked together.

“Where The Shadows Lie” was teased in the series’ first episode, only just as an instrumental. When Apple’s full version is released, it seems like a full-circle fitting conclusion to this new season. Lyrically, it was a J.R.R. Tolkien poem that “was composed by the Free Peoples of Middle Earth about the origins of the Rings of Power and their relationship under the power of the One Ring,” according to a press release (via BrooklynVegan).

“To embody all these narrative elements into one voice is no small task, and so I am especially grateful to have collaborated with legendary singer Fiona Apple,” McCreary said. “Inarguably one of the definitive musical voices of her generation, Fiona brought new depths and narrative intention to the song’s unique combination of my haunting melody and Tolkien’s ominous text. I have been inspired by her musicality for two decades, and I could not imagine an artist better suited to bring to life the mystery, majesty, and power of this song.”

Listen to Apple’s “Where The Shadows Lie” on Apple Music or Amazon Music.