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Joshua Bassett Surprise Releases A New Ballad, ‘Would You Love Me Now’

Just weeks after dropping his latest EP, Sad Songs In A Hotel Room, Joshua Bassett has surprise-released a new ballad. On “Would You Love Me Now,” Bassett longs to reconnect with an ex of his over a forlorn piano-and-guitar-driven track.

“If I showed up at your doorstep, would you turn me away? / Or would you care to see a stranger hose eyes are still the same? / Take me or leave me, I’m goin’ home / But I’d rather be going your way,” Bassett sings on the song’s chorus.

Though Bassett’s EP isn’t even a month old, he admits that he couldn’t stop writing once the sessions for the EP were complete.

“At the end of the summer, inspiration struck me like lightning,” said Bassett in a statement. “I found myself up at ungodly hours barely keeping up with the songs. The new music felt urgent to put out into the world. This first track – ‘Would You Love Me Now?’ – touches on how even after heartbreak and distance, there are certain people you will always find yourself asking, “What if we tried it again?” From long lost love, broken promises, reconciliation, and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Check out “Would You Love Me” above.

Joshua Bassett is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.