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Trae Young Tweets Draymond Green Punched Jordan Poole Because He’s ‘Tryna Get To LA’

Reports began circulating earlier this week about an incident at a Golden State Warriors practice. The long and the short of it is that Draymond Green threw a punch that hit Jordan Poole, which led to the veteran forward facing some sort of discipline from the team. On Friday, TMZ acquired and published the video of the altercation, which showed the two coming face-to-face, Poole shoving Green, and Green responding by throwing a right hook.

While we do not know the details, the timing of this is not especially great for Green, who can potentially hit unrestricted free agency next summer if he declines his player option. Green apparently wants a max contract from the team, while Golden State, as of July, had no plans of giving that to him. This means he can hit the open market this summer, and after watching the video, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young theorized that this is all part of a plan to go elsewhere in California.

Green is represented by Klutch, the agency that also represents LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and a number of other players on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster. Of course, this is merely a joke by Young, and there is no indication that Green even wants to play for the Lakers just as a general thing, but perhaps this topic will be broached on the episode of The Shop that drops on Friday afternoon.