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When Is ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Coming Out?

Nintendo finally unleashed the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie and fans went absolutely nuts for Jack Black as Bowser. As for Chris Pratt as Mario, well, not so much. But that little mushroom bump aside, Nintendo fans are stoked for the long-awaited movie from Illumination, the powerhouse creators behind the Despicable Me and Minions movies. Fortunately, there’s not too long of a wait for Mario’s first animated adventure. (We’d say it his first movie, but anyone who was around in the ’90s knows that’s not the case.)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will hit theaters on April 7, 2023. Along with Black and Pratt, the film will be packing one hell of a cast when its release date comes around. Check out this line-up:

Charlie Day as Luigi.
Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach.
Keegan Michael-Key as Toad.
Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.
Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong.
Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek.
Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike.

Despite the controversy around his casting, Pratt has remained upbeat about the project and revealed he’s a lifelong fan of the classic Nintendo character. Here’s what he said in an Instagram video shortly after his Mario role was announced in September 2021:

“It just dawned on me right now. The quarter I stole out of the wishing well to play Super Mario Bros. has come true that I get to be the voice of Mario. But I clearly stole someone else’s wish, so just waiting for that row of karma dominoes to come crashing down on me. But for now, it’s-a me, Mario.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie smashes into theaters on April 7, 2023.