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The 1975’s Matty Healy Literally Punches Back At Journalists With Implied (But Probably Not Serious) Threats

Ahead of The 1975’s next album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language, dropping this Friday, lead singer Matty Healy took to his Instagram stories to share… a few of his thoughts. While Healy usually posts random memes and is what the kids would call a sh*tposter, yesterday he included journalists in on the bit. “Hey Journalists,” the first (now-deleted) video was captioned, as Healy notes that everyone should give the band’s album a good review.

The following video found Healy working out at the gym. Between scenes of a punching bag and him doing pull-ups, it gave the implication that Healy was ready to fight if BFIAFL didn’t receive five stars.

Thankfully, Uproxx actually seems to be safe from Healy… for now. The singer posted a screenshot of our recent review, seeming pleased by critic Steven Hyden’s impression of it. “FINALLY!” he captioned, in exact full caps. Another publication, Gigwise, gave it a ten-star review, to which Healy replied, “GIVE ME STARRRRS!!!!”

Healy’s posts soon made the rounds online by fans and writers alike. However, those of us who follow and frequently watch his chaotic posting between Instagram and Twitter weren’t surprised — knowing it’s all (mostly, hopefully) in sarcastic, good fun.

Continue scrolling for a few internet reactions to Matty Healy’s messages to journalists.