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Camila Cabello Has Some Major Questions About Jimmy Fallon’s Beard

The hottest new face in late-night TV is… Jimmy Fallon. Yes, he’s been in the game for a long time, first with Late Night beginning in 2009 and then The Tonight Show as of 2014, but he debuted his new bearded face at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards back in August. He’s kept the facial hair going since then and Camila Cabello couldn’t help but focus on it during her Tonight Show interview yesterday (October 12).

Towards the end of the segment, Fallon was trying to transition into wrapping up with a quick game. Before he could do that, though, Cabello cut him off and asked if she could ask a question. He obliged and Cabello pressed on, “When do you think you’re gonna… When guys grow their beard like that […] and then you shave it, it must be like a big adrenaline rush, right? ‘Cause it’s like a full makeover. Do you have any plans for…”

That got a laugh from Fallon and Cabello continued, “I just feel like it must be so soothing, like, just to watch it all come off.” Fallon said he wouldn’t know since this is his first major beard endeavor. After a joke about all the glue involved in putting his beard together, Cabello added, “You gotta take a video when you do shave it, though, because […] you must just forget what your face looks like.”

A bashful Fallon replied with a laugh, “Alright, now you’re embarrassing me.” Cabello came back by noting she has so much to say on the topic because she’s known Fallon for so long, continuing that she loves the beard and that it looks great.

Check out the full interview above.