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You Can Buy Negan’s Bat From ‘The Walking Dead’ (But It’ll Cost You)

Halloween is less than three weeks away. If you still don’t have a costume idea — but you do have an extra $29,000 lying around — you could do a lot worse than going as Negan from The Walking Dead. (Like dressing up as Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. That would be a worse Halloween costume.) With the AMC zombie series ending soon, many screen-used props are up for auction, including Daryl’s motorcycle from seasons 5-8 (current bid: $11,000), Michonne’s katana ($9,600), and Rick’s jacket ($6,000). Or, for more than the price of all three combined, you can get Negan’s bat, Lucille.

“In terms of items that help define a character, few can argue the weight and impact that this simple prop had in the hands of the charismatic and ruthless leader of the Saviors,” the item description provided by Goldin reads. “Presented is the Hero version of Lucille as seen in season seven. A Hero prop is the ‘as real as it gets’ version of any item that is designed with the intent to be seen up close and personal on a big screen.” It’s not the bat that bashed Glenn and Abraham’s brains in, but it “bears the embedded round fired by Rosita in season seven, episode eight when trying to kill Negan.”

The bidding is up to $29,000 (or $34,800 w/ “Buyer’s Premium”), but there’s also a Walmart version of the bat called “Plastic Toy Barbed Wire Bat Prop,” because copyright infringement, for seven bucks. Not as impressive, though.

(Via Goldin)