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Who Is Hulk’s Son In ‘She-Hulk?’

Despite the She-Hulk season finale taking a massive, fourth wall-breaking swing at the entire Marvel formula, the Disney+ series still couldn’t escape a MCU tradition: Introducing a shocking new character in the final moments.

After jetting off to space in the show’s second episode, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk made his inevitable return and he wasn’t alone. While arriving at a Walters family dinner (with special guest Daredevil), the Hulk introduced everyone to a new person in his life: His son, Skaar, played by actor Wil Deusner.

While the Hulk having a son might seem like a random event to toss out in the She-Hulk finale, it completely tracks with Skaar’s comic book roots. After Hulk took off to space earlier in the season, Marvel fans assumed the show was laying the groundwork for a World War Hulk movie. In that storyline, Hulk is rocketed into the space by the Illuminati and lands on Sakarr where he becomes the ruler of the planet and fathers a son. However, when his family is seemingly killed, Hulk returns to Earth to fight basically every single Marvel hero in a murderous rampage. Obviously, they work things out, and surprise, Skaar is still alive.

Skaar Hulk Son
Marvel Comics

The MCU is going a different route. Sakarr was first featured in Thor: Ragnarok, which very loosely pulled elements from the Planet Hulk storyline that sets up World War Hulk. After a Thanos-sized detour, Hulk eventually makes it back to Sakarr in She-Hulk, where he clearly had a surprise waiting for him in the form of a son. However, when Hulk returns to Earth, he noticeably does not fight the entire planet. Instead, he cordially introduces his extended family to Skaar and sits down for a Fast & Furious style cookout.

As for where Skaar could pop up next is anybody’s guess. The MCU has been laying the groundwork for a new generation of heroes with Ms. Marvel, Florence Pugh’s Black Widow, Thor’s daughter in Love and Thunder, and now, an offspring for Earth’s strongest Avenger. Or Skaar could fight the whole planet in a World War Hulk movie that skews wildly from the comics. That’s the beauty of the MCU right now. It can go anywhere.

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