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Ben Schwartz’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Marathon Has Brought Him To One Of The Show’s Most Devastating Moments

To paraphrase Tyrion Lannister, it’s not easy watching Game of Thrones all the time, but Ben Schwartz found a way. Testing positive for COVID helped, but the Parks and Recreation and The Afterparty star is “getting better, testing negative, & shaking off symptoms,” he tweeted this week, which is obviously good news. The bad news: “I cant watch 8 hours of Game of Thrones a day anymore BUT I will finish this show, just slower,” he wrote, adding, “THE GOT THREAD WILL CONTINUE! FOR THE WATCH!”

Schwartz is a man of his word. He’s up to season six, having recently watched the episode where Missandei tells the worst joke that Grey Worm has ever heard and Arya kills the Waif (who Schwartz dubbed “The Terminator”). “No One” is a triumphant episode of Game of Thrones — like an episode earlier in the season, “The Door,” which is triumphantly devastating. If you don’t remember what happens in it based on the title alone, maybe Schwartz’s live-tweets will refresh your memory.

“People had to be floored when Hodor died, right?” Schwartz wondered (they were). “Had to be a fan favorite character. He was great. I will miss you, [Wylis]. You died doing what you said you were gonna do for a bunch of seasons.” Amen.

The thread is worth monitoring as Schwartz inches ever closer to the final season. Maybe it’s better in 2022 than it was in 2019, without the pressure? (Unlikely, but at least there’s House of the Dragon to look forward to.)