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Is Shane Bieber Related To Justin Bieber?

During Game 2 of the American League Division Series between the Cleveland Guardians and New York Yankees, pitcher Shane Bieber was on the mound for Cleveland. At one point in the game though, announcer Bob Costas referred to him as “Justin Bieber” before realizing his mistake. “I actually called Shane Bieber, Justin Bieber,” Costas said. “I vowed that would not happen. I’m sure it’s not the first time it’s happened in his life… I wonder if he’s watching the game?”

It was a funny moment, albeit a bit awkward and it raised the question as to whether the pitcher and the pop star are related?

Is Shane Bieber Related To Justin Bieber?

This has actually come up in the past. The Topps baseball card company wrote “Justin” on a trading card of Shane. And the two Biebers ended up connecting on Twitter because of it.

Shane, who made a pretty good name for himself in baseball by winning the AL Cy Young Award as the league’s best pitcher in 2020, started getting the Justin comparisons so much , that he even made a jersey for himself that on the back says “Not Justin.”

But no, the two are not related at all. Justin was born in Ontario, Canada and Shane in Southern California. The pitcher attended the University of California Santa Barbara before being drafted into the big leagues. In 2019, Shane told that, “We haven’t met. We’ll see what’s coming with it,” he said of the Topps baseball card fiasco. “It was kind of fun, just yesterday, getting tagged with that and gaining a couple followers and got some messages from some Beliebers, some original Beliebers. We’ll see what’s to come of it.”