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Justin Fields Threw An Interception Straight Off A Defender’s Helmet

A week ago, the Broncos and Colts played one of the worst football games in recent memory in a 9-6 Colts overtime win that featured five field goals, no touchdowns, and just generally some atrocious offensive play — however, it did give us an incredible Richard Sherman meltdown over Russell Wilson throwing on 4th and 1 in overtime instead of running the ball.

This week’s Thursday Night Football matchup had the potential to be as bad if not worse, as the Commanders took a trip to Chicago to face the Bears in a battle of similarly inept offenses. However, in the first quarter the Bears were able to move the ball pretty well on Washington, marching all the way inside the 10 on their second drive of the game. Unfortunately, that was as far as they would get because of a tipped ball at the line that launched way up in the air and, eventually, fell into the hands of defensive tackle Jonathan Allen for a gutting interception for Chicago.

At first it was assumed one of the big fellas got their mitts up there to knock the ball into the air, but the end zone replay showed that, instead, it was simply Justin Fields rocketing a pass off the forehead of a defensive tackle.

That explains why the ball went so high into the air, going all the way out of frame on the camera, but it also makes it look even worse for Fields. It’s one thing if someone gets a hand in the passing lane, but when you just doink it off a helmet, that’s not even the defense doing anything to mess you up. For a young quarterback having his struggles this season, this isn’t what Bears fans want to see continuing.