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Now There’s Going To Be A Pickleball Documentary, You Monsters

Fresh off the news that Stephen Colbert will be hosting a celebrity pickleball tournament, The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on a documentary film about the new … fast-growing sport? In partnership with Peter Berg’s Film 45 production house, director Mary Pilon and Seth Porges will make the as-yet-untitled documentary examining pickleball’s meteoric rise and its incipient monetization.

It’s possible that this will be the bougiest documentary in the history of the form. It’s also possible that it will take advantage of a rare opportunity where a new sport has jumped from the suburban landscape into the professional sphere in a terrifyingly short amount of time, checking how much longevity a faddish, pandemic-born pastime might actually achieve. At the very least, it should be lighthearted and weird.

This will be the first time Porges and Pilon will direct together. Pilon — known for writing an explosive book on the game Monopoly — appeared in Porges’ film Class Action Park, about the notoriously dangerous Action Park. Their team-up seems apt for the subject matter, where a throughline of serious inquiry can invade a profoundly absurd subject. Hopefully, they’ll be able to mint the documentary as an NFT stuffed inside a Beanie Baby. Like, print out the NFT, then stuff it inside.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)