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Tom Brady Was Fined A Whole $11,139 For Kicking Grady Jarrett After That Awful Roughing The Passer Penalty

The NFL’s roughing the passer rule is under scrutiny this week due in part to a game-changing flag that occurred in Sunday’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady dropped back on a third down and got sacked by Grady Jarrett, which would have led to a punt and given Atlanta’s offense a chance to cap off a fourth quarter comeback.

Instead, the referees hit Jarrett with a roughing the passer penalty for what seemed like a pretty innocuous takedown of Brady. Tampa Bay would go on to kill the remainder of the clock and win the game, 21-16.

While that penalty got a ton of attention, some folks wondered why Brady was able to avoid a penalty for his little kick Jarrett as he was getting up. As it turns out, Brady is going to get fined for the incident, as the NFL announced on Friday afternoon that the former Super Bowl MVP will receive a fine of $11,139.

It will be interesting to see if Brady — whose career earnings top $300 million, will make $30 million this season, and will join Fox when his NFL career comes to an end on a contract worth a reported $375 million — can afford to pay this.