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Ezra Miller Has Pleaded Not Guilty To Burglary Charges (Which Would Carry A Hefty Prison Sentence If They’re Convicted) In Vermont

Warner Bros. Discovery probably won’t be able to brush Ezra Miller’s problems under the rug that easily, The Flash actor has pled not guilty to felony burglary charges stemming from their arrest in Vermont earlier this year. Miller was arrested after surveillance footage and statements led to probable cause that the actor allegedly broke into a neighbor’s house and stole several bottles of alcohol.

Miller reportedly told police in June that they were simply getting cooking wine and vinegar for his mom, and that the house owner, Isaac Winokur, was a family friend who gave them to permission to enter the house. That excuse obviously didn’t fly. According to Deadline, a “jovial and chipper” Miller made a remote court appearance on Monday where they plead not guilty to the charges. While awaiting trial, the judge gave Miller instructions to stay away from Winokur. Via Deadline:

Miller faces a maximum of 26 years behind bars as well as over $2,000 in fines if found guilty of the charges stemming from the spring incident which entailed stealing three bottles of liquor –gin, vodka and rum — from Winokur’s pantry.

In a jovial and chipper mood Monday morning, the casually dressed actor will have to return to court per Superior Court Judge Kerry A. McDonald-Cady, virtually or in-person, at a yet to be determined future date for more proceedings in this matter.

Miller, whose attorney sat by them during the hearing, said, “I do understand,” following the judge’s instructions.

After a lengthy spat of damaging headlines (that are still rolling in), Miller has attempted to clean up their public image by issuing a public apology and reportedly entering treatment for “complex mental health issues.” However, despite the continued reports of their allegedly violent behavior, Warner Bros. Discovery has been moving full speed ahead on The Flash. Miller has been reportedly been shooting new scenes as recently as September 2022.

The newly-formed conglomerate desperately needs a box office win, and The Flash has reportedly been performing well with test audiences. However, the marketing of this film looks to be awkward, given its star’s legal woes.

(Via Deadline)