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Bubba Wallace Apologized To Everyone But Kyle Larson For Trying To Fight Him After Wrecking On Sunday

Sunday saw Joey Logano punch his ticket into the Championship 4 in the NASCAR Playoffs with a win at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but that was a secondary storyline for many to the on-track shenanigans between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson.

After winning Stage 1, Wallace got driven up the track and into the wall by Larson, and responded by driving hard down into Larson and spinning the two out. While neither of those two are still in the playoffs, Christopher Bell is and he got clipped as Larson’s car came up the track and was knocked out of the race, taking him to the bottom of the standings with a big hole to get out of, effectively needing a win in the next two races to advance.

That was one subplot, but then Wallace and Larson got out of their cars on the infield and Bubba trotted over ready to rumble, shoving Larson a few times in an effort to start a fight, which Larson was not interested in — which isn’t a surprise given he’s considerably smaller than Wallace.

Wallace was still hot after the race and didn’t seem particularly remorseful about his response to Larson after being cleared by the infield care center, but on Monday after a day of hearing about it from sponsors and the team, Wallace issued a formal apology for his actions to his sponsors, the 23XI team, and Christopher Bell and his team.

Notably absent from the statement is an apology to Larson, who he clearly still thinks was the one in the wrong for the move on the track that put him in the wall first, and it doesn’t seem he feels all that bad about shoving him around aside from his sponsors probably not being all that thrilled about it — albeit, it did get them plenty of air time.