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‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Actor John Schneider Is So Very Upset At ‘Woke Hollywood’ For Not Helping With His Flag Movie

The Dukes Of Hazzard, like many classic TV shows for one reason or another, has not aged particularly well since it first appeared on television in the 1970s. In this case, mostly over its prominent use of the Confederate battle flag on the roof of the show’s famous Dodge Charger, called the General Lee. Which is, of course, named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

In the years since, and with increased scrutiny of casually using a racist hate symbol in popular culture, you’ve probably seen less of the Dukes than you once did on TV Land and the like. Many people involved in the show, which has been off the air for nearly four decades now, have moved on to other projects. Including actor John Schneider, who is adamant that “woke Hollywood” refuses to help him with a movie about the actual American flag.

Appearing on Newsmax, the former Bo Duke lamented that he couldn’t find anyone in traditional Hollywood power centers to help make To Die For, which is not a 1995 thriller starring Nicole Kidman but a 2022 movie about someone so upset about where America is headed these days he apparently wants to die for the flag.

“They wouldn’t spend any money to develop it, they certainly wouldn’t film it, they wouldn’t distribute it,” Schneider said after asked a leading question about “woke Hollywood” ignoring a “pro-American” film like his. “But my wife and I are fiercely and unapologetically independent. So we make our own content, we also distribute our own content.

Which is why, of course, he was on TV begging for people to pay $10 bucks to watch his movie online.

“Right now, we are all in. If this movie doesn’t work, we lose everything,” he said. “But we’ve always been there. I believe if you’re not all in, you’re out.”

With that in mind, here’s the unedited description of the movie on his Vimeo:

Even in this ever changing world some things refuse to bend. Meet Gunnery Sergeant Quint North. A creature of habit and discipline, the current PC world and patriots are the enemy of progress mentality makes no sense at all to him. The propensity of athletes taking a knee and disrespecting not only this great country but also those who gave their lives protecting it makes even less.
But what can one man do to fight the intentional decay of the greatest country the world has ever known?
Speak out. Live a patriotic example. And, if necessary, die for his flag.
Because she’s worth it.
WARNING: This movie is intensely patriotic. If patriotism and love of country offend you in any way… watch this film… then move somewhere else.

Struggling conservative content creators often go to the “woke Hollywood is out to get us” model of garnering support for fledgling projects. And considering how kneeling athletes are cited here this one has clearly been in the works for a while: Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played football since 2016 and the only athletes still kneeling at this point are English Premiere League soccer players. But the plea for attention seems to be working for Schneider here at least a little bit. Comments on his Vimeo cite hearing about the film from interviews on OAN and Newsmax, two right-wing news havens. Some even want to purchase the film on DVD (or VHS!) to watch it!

So hopefully, the film itself is edited a bit better than the description. But considering how “fiercely and unapologetically independent” Schneider is, I wouldn’t take my chances.