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Discount Irish Airline Ryanair May Or May Not Have Banned Emerging Supervillain James Corden From The Skies

Misery loves company, which might explain why Ryanair is currently trolling “tiny cretin of a man” James Corden. On Monday, famed New York City restaurateur Keith McNally announced via social media that he was 86’ing the outgoing The Late Late Show host from his perennial SoHo hotspot, Balthazar.

McNally shared a story to his Instagram in which he publicly demolished Corden for being a total a**shole to his waitstaff and management team on more than one occasion. The latest confrontation came earlier this month, when Corden reportedly pitched a fit after his wife’s egg-yolk omelette (WTF?!) ended up with some egg white in it (huh?!). According to McNally, Corden’s behavior toward the restaurant’s staff was “abusive” — so he banned him.

While other New York City restaurant owners have stepped forward to defend Corden and say that he is, in fact, a friendly and lovely man, there was really no need. As McNally and Corden appear to have cleared up the matter, with each man feeling badly about what had transpired and how the incident was shared with the public. (Though something tells us it was Corden who was the more contrite.) In the midst of all the hullabaloo surrounding the matter, low-cost European airline Ryanair decided to jump in on the fun and announce that they, too, were banning Corden from all Ryanair flights.

Something tells us that won’t be a huge problem for Corden. Based on a recently resurfaced story from 2017, the late-night host has a preference for flying business class — and not having to contend with crying babies (even his own). Low-cost Ryanair, meanwhile, is regularly ranked among the worst airlines in the world and was once crowned the very worst “short-haul airline.” In addition to offering zero in-flight entertainment options, the airline likes to nickel-and-dime its customers on everything. Which, if McNally’s stories are true, doesn’t seem like something Corden easily abides by.