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Zac Efron Takes His Irresistible Brand Of Enthusiasm Down Under In Netflix’s New ‘Down To Earth’ Trailer

Bye bye, Troy Bolton of High School Musical fame. Zac Efron has fully come into his own power as a performer and a presence. Not only have we heard that Alexander Skarsgård was inspired to go pantless by the Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile star, but Efron has moved on from Baywatch mode into an upcoming A24 project. In addition, Netflix is preparing to bring us more of his unwaveringly pure unscripted series (one of our favorite docuseries of 2020), in which Efron learns about science and explores nature and generally lives everyone’s best life.

On that note, the Down Under Season 2 has arrived, and the show is now apparently renamed as Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Down Under. Get ready for plenty of “sick” and “mind blown” exclamations coming your way, man. Above, Zac and Darin Olien preview their “deep dive” into Australian culture with an eye towards sustainability. They hang with kangaroos and koalas! That’s the dose of adorableness that we need, and hopefully, we’ll see more incredible moments like those from Season 1, which included Zac changing a woman’s life by removing debris from her Hurricane-devastated home in Puerto Rico. Those small gestures mean everything when it comes to healing our very broken world, and some “whoa!” sprinkled everywhere never hurts matters.

The season promises to take Efron and Olien “from Sydney to the Greater Blue Mountains” while they tango with eco-warriors, explore local customs, and have a ton of fun (and good eats) in the process. Let’s go.

Down To Earth returns on November 11.