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A Commanders Fan Who Won $14,000 In A 50/50 Raffle Had The Check Bounce

The Washington Commanders are somehow having a worse year off the field than on it, which says a lot when the team is 2-4 with both wins being in rather hideous fashion over the Jaguars and Bears.

Still, that’s a considerable upgrade to the many scandals and investigations the organization is facing for the actions of owner Dan Snyder, who has been so bad as a human being and an owner that other NFL owners are considering voting him out of the league. On top of numerous allegations of sexual harassment, workplace hostility, and financial impropriety, the Commanders also present their fans with one of the league’s worst game experiences, as FedEx Field is widely regarded as one of the worst stadiums in the league — sometimes literally spewing sewage onto fans.

Most recently, it’s been a less literal dumping on fans from the organization, with the most recent example being a 50/50 raffle winner having his $14,000 check from the team — that, of course, he had to pester the team just to get — bounce when he tried to deposit it at the bank, via WUSA9.

It feels almost impossibly on the nose for the Commanders to send a fan a bounced check for a charity raffle — and it seems like it’s probably worth following up on whether the other half of the money made it to the charitable organization. The team released a statement calling it a “bank error” and apologized, but the fan noted that they had to wait a month just to get that check in the first place.

It is the closest thing we may ever get to an actual pro team pulling a Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro, where he fakes having prize money for a 3/4 court shot.