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Marjorie Taylor Greene Made An Ass Of Herself (Again) In A Bizarre Attempt To Honor Confederate Soldiers

If there’s anything Marjorie Taylor Greene has shown she has an actual talent for over the past near-two years she has spent in congress, it’s mangling the English language on a regular basis and making up American history as she goes along. Her latest blatant act of stupidity? Not knowing a damn thing about the Civil War.

As The Daily Beast reports, Greene — who thinks her reputation for being an idiot is “unfair” — decided to pay tribute to America’s Confederate soldiers on Wednesday night (amazingly, that in and of itself wasn’t even the most embarrassing part of the evening). She did it while visiting Georgia’s Wilder Brigade Monument, which was erected as a tribute to the Union Army’s Lightning Brigade. But know-it-all Marge posted a message to her TRUTH Social followers, complete with photos and a video of her climbing the monuments 136 stairs, and wrote: “Tonight, I stopped at the Wilder monument in Chickamauga, GA, which honors the Confederate soldiers of the Wilder Brigade” and noted, “I will always defend our nation’s history!” Except that the monument celebrates the Union Army, a.k.a. The guys who fought against the Confederate soldiers.

Greene has since deleted the post, and did not return The Daily Beast’s request for a comment.

(Via The Daily Beast)