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A Wife Of One Of The Try Guys Also Has A Story About James Corden Allegedly Being Rude To Restaurant Staff

There’s a lot going on right now, not the least being a midterm election that may dramatically alter the course of everyone’s lives. We need a mental break. Perhaps that’s why everyone has been obsessed with stories of James Corden being a jerk. It began when a legendary New York City restauranteur (temporarily) banned the late night host from one of his joints because he was repeatedly rude to his staff. Now someone is chiming in with their own tale.

As per Page Six, Becky Habersberger, the wife of one of the Try Guys (no, not that one), dropped a TikTok video in which she goes off about once witnessing the Cats alum blowing up on a lowly busboy at a Los Angeles eatery. She said she saw Corden trying to get a table at the Los Feliz Italian spot Little Dom’s. Alas, they close between lunch and dinner and Corden had caught them at the wrong time. But Corden wasn’t having it.

“[The busboy] is telling James Corden he can get him a reservation right when they open,” Habersberger said, adding, “He was trying to be really accommodating.” Instead, she said Corden yelled at him, saying, “A lot of good that does me, mate, a lot of good that does me.”

Harbersberger clearly thought of her own encounter when she heard Balthazar owner Keith McNally calling Corden a “tiny cretin of a man” for, among other things, blowing up on a waiter who screwed up his wife’s all-yolk omelette. “Corden has since “apologized profusely,” but Harbersberger isn’t having it.

“If he was really sorry, he would have apologized to the server and not the owner of the restaurant,” she said. She also recalled her own restaurant days. “I was a waitress at a super bougie Beverly Hills hotel rooftop restaurant,” she recalled. “Some [stars] were awesome, some were trash and I remember to this day who the trash bags are.

“I’m not surprised by all this James Corden information coming out because if you are rude to one server, you are absolutely rude to many servers,” she said. “That is not a one-off, ‘I was having a bad day’ kind of thing.”

(Via Page Six)