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Meghan Trainor Joked She Was The Model For A Spirit Halloween Nun Costume After Fans Shared Suspicion

All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor has a new album out today called Takin’ It Back, but there’s something else that’s demanding her fans’ attention. She went viral this week when a picture of a Spirit Halloween nun costume circulated and people suspected it was her.

Instead of ignoring or debunking this interesting theory, she made a tweet, writing, “Yes. It’s me.” Succinct but enough to make fans flip out in the replies with more jokes. Also, a good way to promote the new album. She has since confirmed to Rolling Stone that she was only kidding in the tweet, despite the uncanny similarities.

Upon announcing her new album in June, Trainor said, “I just felt like anything I ever achieved is all gone. I haven’t been out in public and [for] so long trying to be safe, and it crippled me a little bit with my confidence. And so coming back with music, I was also so hard on myself. I thought all these songs were trash. Every idea I would come up with, I would say, ‘Is this trash or amazing?’ ‘Is this garbage or is this dope?’ And everyone was like, ‘This is your best work yet.’”