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Guy Fieri’s Parody Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Album Art Has Hilarious Details

Fans are getting creative with their fun spoofs of Taylor Swift‘s Midnights cover art. As the excitement surrounding Swift’s 10th studio album is still high, several fans and public figures have shared their fun imaginings of the Midnights artwork.

Even if you’re not a Swiftie, you’ve probably seen the album’s standard artwork, which features a picture of Swift holding a lit lighter, encased in a white border with the album’s title overhead, and the tracklisting on the side.

On the heels of the album’s release, Food Network personality Guy Fieri shared a parody of the album’s cover, titled Flavors. The cover art also featured parodies of the album’s tracks, some of the most notables including “Lavender Cookies,” corresponding to Swift’s “Lavender Haze,” and “Midnight Snack,” for “Midnight Rain.”

Ahead of the Teletubbies Netflix reboot, the show’s official Twitter account shared their own version of the cover art, which was titled Midnights (In Teletubbyland), which featured Teletubby Laa-Laa holding a lighter. Like Fieri, the Teletubbies included their own versions of the Midnights track names, including, “Hugging Heroes” in place of “Anti-Hero,” and probably the most noticeable difference, “Silly Things,” in place of “Vigilante Sh*t.”

Swift herself has not yet commented on the parodies.

Midnights is out now via Republic. Stream it here.