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When Will ‘Black Adam’ Go On Streaming?

Dwayne Johnson is in the midst of his biggest solo opening ever. The film is Black Adam, and it introduces the movies to arguably the most powerful figure in the DC-verse: a semi-hero with the powers of an Egyptian god. Often depicted in comics as a villain, he’s none-too-pleased to have been locked away for ages. But how long will his first big film be kept away from streamers?

The answer is still up in the air. Black Adam is a Warner Bros. Discovery product, and the company is no longer doing what they did last year and dropping new films in theaters and on their streamer, HBO Max. Instead, they tend to stick to a 45-day window, which means Black Adam could drop online on or about Dec. 4.

However, Warner Bros. Discovery isn’t always consistent. Elvis, their hit musical biopic about The King, took a whopping 71 days to hit HBO Max. If they decide to take the Baz Luhrmann route, that means subscribers might not be able to stream Black Adam until January of next year.

In the meantime, those wishing to see the erstwhile The Rock kill a bunch of people — an anomaly for comic book movie fare — can always do so the old-fashioned way: By purchasing a ticket and sitting in a darkened room with total strangers talking along to the Nicole Kidman AMC ad à la The Rocky Horror Picture Show.