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Mike Lindell, Like Herschel Walker Before Him, Is Bragging About A Tiny Honorary Badge He Says Makes Him ‘Semi-Official’

Last week, Herschel Walker did something strange even for him: The footballer-turned-MAGA candidate busted out an honorary police badge during a debate. Why? To show that he’s law enforcement, or something. Now another kooky Trumpworld figure has done the same thing.

As per Mediaite, Mike Lindell, the pillow salesman-turned-frothing voter fraud conspiracy theorist, was speaking ahead of the latest Trump rally, in Robstown, Texas. He gave some advice on what to do if election workers prevent people from voting, or something: Go to your local sheriff. And like Walker before him, he had a little, not-exactly-official prop.

“Encourage everyone you know to vote the day of the election, not before. Very important everybody,” Lindell advised. “The media’s all over attacking me for telling you all that. If you get a mail-in vote or whatever, mail-in ballot, just bring it with you to make sure if they tell you, ‘oh, you already voted,’ say, no I didn’t and you go to your local sheriff.”

He then pointed to a tiny badge attached to the lapel of his jacket, saying, “They just gave me a little badge.” He then joked that it made him “semi-official.”

Granted, Lindell didn’t go all-in like Walker did during his debate with opponent Raphael Warnock. Nor has he, as Walker has, had other toy badges made to hand out to his supporters. But then, if anyone’s going to burn money over total nonsense, it’s probably the MyPillow Guy.

(Via Mediaite)