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Nancy Pelosi Is Openly Taunting Trump, Saying He’s Not ‘Man Enough’ To Show Up For His Jan. 6 Subpoena

Donald Trump is a little busy these days, with so many fires raging that he might have missed one of them: Last week, he was finally and formally subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee. Will he blow it off? Or will he actually show up and do his best to derail the proceedings? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a theory on what he’ll do, and it’s not a compliment.

Pelosi went on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, where host Jonathan Capehart asked if she thinks the former president will actually do the thing that Steve Bannon wouldn’t.

“I don’t think he’s man enough to show up,” Pelosi responded. “I don’t think his lawyers will want him to show up, because he has to testify under oath. But I don’t think he’ll show up, I don’t think he’s man enough. We’ll see. Let’s see if he’s man enough to show up.”

Pelosi added, “Nobody is above the law. If we believe that, then they should make a judgment about how he responds to that request.” Should he not show up, Pelosi said the American people should intuit that he thinks he’s “above the law.” But at least he’s manly.

Capehart also asked Pelosi about Marjorie Taylor Greene, who demanded that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy give her more power should the GOP retake the House. But Pelosi brushed that off, insisting that Democrats will retain control, referring to her only as “what’s-her-name.”

You can watch Pelosi’s segment below. The business about Trump begins around the 3:35 mark.

(Via Raw Story)