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South Carolina Recovered A Fumble After A Snap Hit Texas A+M’s QB’s Knee And Flew Into Someone’s Arms

One of the best ways to win college football games on the road is to limit mistakes at all costs. Seeing as how Texas A+M went down 17-3 in the first quarter while playing South Carolina, well, you can probably put two and two together and figure out that they made a few mistakes early on in the game.

On the team’s first drive, the Aggies ran three plays, and on the fourth, starting quarterback Haynes King got picked off. On the very next drive, King gave the Gamecocks the ball again, although in fairness to him, it’s hard to blame this one on him.

King stepped up to the line of scrimmage to call something out to his offensive line when his center decided to snap the ball. Doing this meant that the ball bounced right off of King’s leg, but instead of softly falling to the ground, it popped directly into the air and into the arms of South Carolina defensive lineman Tonka Hemingway’s arms.

One can argue, I suppose, that the QB sent the ball forward and someone grabbed it out of the air, so this should be a pick. But ESPN decided to mark it in the official box score as a fumble, although it does not assign blame anywhere.

texas a+m fumble

Someone is gonna want this one back, although it’s unclear who.