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Of Course Jason Momoa Went Fishing In An Itty Bitty Loincloth (And Posted A Video)

No one can ever accuse Jason Momoa of a lack of enthusiasm. Whether he’s simply having a good time by rolling around on a car hood (like he’s in a Whitesnake video) to make Fast X co-star Vin Diesel laugh or playfully insulting Michael Bay, the man knows how to promote. Even more often these days, he’s genuinely spreading a valuable message while soaping up his armpits in a parking lot or doing something equally savvy.

Momoa will gamely go to great lengths while showing it all off, and that includes promoting his non-plastic water brand, which he talked up on Instagram while also posting a video of himself fishing in an itty bitty loincloth. And yes, the tush was bare, and people have to click through several photos to get there.

‘Twas all in the spirit of “sunday funday”:

rainbows in my @mananalu.water sunday funday. amazing time with da ohana. big mahalo to captain hopper and J for helping us catch some aku. dried aku all week. cheeehuuu @brianandrewmendoza @love_cycles @monamabel cliff @kahookahi @mananalu.water aloha j

Well, it looks like the fishing expedition was also a successful one, and onto the next Momoa adventure. Speaking of nature-inspired jaunts, See has wrapped up on Apple TV+ this month, if you want to watch a world where very few people can see Jason Momoa.