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‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Sure Are Thinking About Daenerys And Drogon In Light Of A Key Battle Scene

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

The first House of the Dragon season arrived and flew by with ten intense episodes that, in a way, made up for the misfired Game of Thrones final season. The soap operatics flew like Targaryen/Velaryon wigs being hurled across sets. And although it was sad to say goodbye to miserable King Viserys, his death paved the way for fallout from a (literal) grave misunderstanding that put Aegon II on the Iron Throne. This, of course, has led to civil war after Rhaenyra [who had the worst day(s) in Westeros] determined to avoid more bloodshed.

That dream fell by the wayside after Aemond f*cked up and couldn’t control his dragon, who made an appetizer out of poor Arrax and Luke. This has spurred a lot of debate and followed Aemond taunting Luke, so it’s not like Vhagar didn’t see her rider as an active participant in villainy, but Vhagar refused to be reeled in at a pivotal moment, and although Luke had issues controlling Arrax, too, at least we can acknowledge that both Luke and Arrax were inexperienced in battle and probably didn’t know better. Here, we see that Aemond had no business claiming Vhagar when he can’t control her.

Yet is Vhagar equally to blame? It’s hard to say whether this was more the case of a rebellious dragon or a sh*tty rider. Maybe both? Regardless, people sure are thinking of a comparative scene where (in Game of Thrones) Daenerys officially went mad and burned King’s Landing to embers. One Twitter user had a ball recaptioning the scene to make it look like Dany had tried to stop a dragon out of control.

This tweet is a joke, obviously, and it’s having fun with how Aemond’s intent is different than in GRRM’s source material, and in the show, this was framed as an accident. This adds some nuance that’s actually quite delicious, so that Aemond doesn’t look like a straight-up cartoon villain laying his victim on the train tracks.

Aemond screwed up, plain and simple, and the comparison between himself and Dany isn’t to be taken too seriously, even if it’s fun to indulge. Yes, Drogon grew a little rebellious as a “teen” dragon (and Dany had to chain her other two dragons), but Vhagar was wizened and had flown with multiple riders, and Aemond couldn’t handle her. Regardless, people are enjoying the act of toying with reframing Dany, too.

Oh, and we did see an actual Dany callback. Watch out Greens. Rhaenyra’s coming for you next season.

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