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What Dragon Does Daemon Sing To ‘House Of The Dragon?’

House of the Dragon’s season one finale delivered on its promise of Civil War and reminded everyone that Team Black has the advantage — at least when it comes to how many dragons are at their disposal.

In episode 10’s “The Black Queen,” once Rhaenyra Targaryen is crowned, her husband Daemon Targaryen gives her war council the rundown on the biggest weapon in their arsenal — their firepower. Though Rhaenyra is reluctant to turn Westeros into a kingdom of bone and ash, she has the means, as a bloodthirsty Daemon so generously reminds her. While Team Green has just four dragons (three adults and one baby) to Team Black’s seven adult dragons. But Daemon is also set on making use of the unclaimed and wild dragons nesting in the volcano near Dragonstone. If Rhaenyra’s side could claim those beasts, Team Black would have 13 dragons, a fairly intimidating number that could win her the war without having to waste time amassing allies and playing at politics.

So, naturally, Daemon takes it upon himself to venture deep into the caverns of the mountain to find some of these sleeping nuclear weapons. Carrying a torch and singing a Valyrian lullaby, the Rogue Prince approaches one beast who initially threatens him with a guttural growl and a spray of fire but Daemon is undeterred and, by the end of their introduction, it seems the dragon has accepted the prince as a friend of some sort.

But exactly which dragon is Daemon courting in episode 10?

It could be a wild one like the Cannibal or Sheepstealer, but our money is on it being Vermithor, the former mount of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Described as a bronze male dragon with great tan wings, Vermithor is second only to Vhagar in size and is nearly 100 years old by the time the Dance of Dragons begins. The dragon clearly responds to Daemon’s song and presence, which likely means he’s not wild, and he’s too big (and colored too distinctly) to be Silverwing, the other dragon Daemon says is sleeping at Dragonstone.

Despite having coaxed Vermithor from his dragon nap, Team Black still needs to find the beast a rider and that hunt might come into play in season two as Daemon makes it his mission to ensure his wife has as many dragons as possible in her fight to reclaim the throne.

(Via Polygon)