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Early Access: Pod Yourself The Wire 10, ‘The Cost’ With Matt Christman

Episode 10 of Pod Yourself The Wire is now available early at

“We have to turn our taste into politics to delude ourselves into thinking our consumption can change the direction of the ship of state.” -Matt Christman

This week on Pod Yourself The Wire, Matt and Vince invite the return of writer, podcaster, and self-proclaimed Bunk head, Matt Christman from The Chapo Trap House podcast (on tour now!) to talk about The Wire season one episode 10, “The Cost.”

This is a mid-aughts HBO prestige crime drama, so the crime guys have to have a strip club to use as a clubhouse. Fitting that The Sopranos’ dumbest character, Georgie, was running the Bada Bing, because The Wire’s dumbest character, Orlando, is running this show’s Balta Bing. As Vince points out, everyone in the aughts was trying to ball a little, and Orlando, tired of being the steady, nondescript hand behind the front, gets flipped by the detail after trying to buy heroin from a cop.

Things don’t end well for Orlando, or anyone else related to the Barksdale crew who tries to cooperate with the detail (poor Wallace). Don’t talk to the cops! Not even lovable, scampy, irish f*ckboy TV cops.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg