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‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Have Seemed To Settle On A Favorite Scene From Season One

Matt Smith’s “f*cking genius” idea for the final shot in the first season of House of the Dragon will linger in our memories until season two, but the first 10 episodes of the Game of Thrones prequel series were full of memorable moments. There was the jousting in the pilot; the wedding that, once again, ended in death; and, of course, the foot stuff. You can’t forget the “disgusting” foot stuff, no matter how hard you try.

But none of those topped a Reddit prompt to name the “favorite scene” from season one. There were lots of submissions, but the most popular answer was, far and away, King Viserys’ slow stroll to the Iron Throne in episode eight, “The Lord of the Tides.”

Vizzy T’s final walk to the Iron Throne

This whole scene including Daemon helping him up and putting on his crown.

Oh the look on Alicent and Otto’s faces when the doors open and they start announcing his presence is priceless. Like a total “oh shit” moment. The acting in that scene was phenomenal.

Feel like that whole throne room scene is such an obvious #1 that we should be debating more about our favorite runner up.

100 times yes.

Yeah, that was super badass

I would have gone with the crabs eating that dude, but the miserable zombie king was good, too. You can read more favorite moments here.

(Via Reddit)