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When Is The Next Season Of ‘House Of The Dragon’ Coming Out?

Even though we just said goodbye to the Targaryen family less than a week ago, fans are still eagerly awaiting any news about the second season of the hit series. Though not all of the cast will be returning (RIP Viserys), there is still so much to unearth on House of the Dragon. And it will be lighter (meaning that we might be able to see it)! Maybe. But when will the second season grace our screens?

It’s pretty clear that House of the Dragon is a major hit for HBO, and they have confirmed that they will be listening to the fans when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. Considering that major shakeup in the writer’s room, it might take longer than normal to churn out season two. The lone showrunner Ryan Condal has already confirmed that they are currently working on writing the next season, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming soon.

Production for season one took place from April 2021 – October 2021, with post-production and editing taking place well into this year. That means an entire season of the show takes roughly a year to make, give or take a few CGI maggots. Season two has been confirmed to start filming in Spain from March to June 2023, which means that the earliest we could possibly get more dragon drama is the summer of 2024.

Of course, HBO knows when a hit is a hit, so they might try to churn out those episodes sooner. But they don’t want to rush, so it might be quite some time until we see our familiar blonde-haired clan. On the other hand, that will give the crew plenty of time to create more cringe-worthy viral moments. It will be worth the wait!