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Russ Boasts That He’s ‘The First Solo Rapper To Perform At The Pyramids In Egypt’

Russ has never been one to downplay his accomplishments — and although he’s caught some flak over the years over it, he certainly deserves to pat himself on the back once in a while. After all, as an independent artist, he can take more credit for his achievements than most, and holds them up as an example of what’s possible for other aspiring indies — even if it’s not always likely.

His latest achievement is one that’s certainly worth boasting about. On Twitter, Russ wrote, “Blessed to be the first solo rapper to perform at the pyramids in Egypt,” along with a video of himself doing so, basking in the spotlight as a massive crowd sings along to his 2015 breakout single, “Losin Control.” According to Egypt Today, the show at the Giza Pyramids took place on October 21 as part of his The Journey Is Everything world tour. The organizers behind the event previously hosted the Black Eyed Peas at the pyramids, which explains Russ’ “first solo rapper” qualifier.

Russ’ world tour recommenced with the Giza show after he canceled all of his European dates for mental health reasons. Provided he’s able to continue, he’s scheduled to hit India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii, South America, Mexico, and South Africa on the remaining tour dates.