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Charli XCX Has Developed Some ‘Quite Confusing Feelings’ About Her Breakout Hit

Charli XCX is one of the most compelling pop stars right now, and she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. Since her 2014 sophomore album Sucker really put her on the map, she’s only gotten bigger, especially with this year’s Crash. In a new interview with NME, she reminisced on her earlier years, specifically when her song “I Love It” went massive.

“I have a lot of quite confusing feelings about it. In part I was like, just straight-up jealous,” she said about the 2012 collaboration with Icona Pop. “I was jealous, and a little bit regretful. That song is kind of like when you go through a break-up and your ex gets a new partner before you or whatever, and you see it on the internet. You’re constantly reminded of it.”

In that same interview, she also talked about her relationship with celebrity: “To be famous – a stratospheric level of famous – you have to f*cking want that sh*t to happen to you, and you have to do the deal with the devil. You have to f*cking go there and run people over. I’m not saying it’s a negative thing: it’s not, but I think with Crash, I definitely wanted to play that game.”

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.