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A Fan Got Tossed For Throwing A Cup At Luka Doncic During Overtime Of Mavs-Nets

Thursday’s matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center was highly entertaining. The game eventually went to overtime after a back-and-forth battle over 48 minutes, and Luka Doncic put together an incredibly impressive performance. Doncic finished with 41 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds in 41 minutes, and he contributed a memorable highlight with a behind-the-head pass in the third quarter. However, one of the takeaways from the evening had nothing to do with the on-court result and the eventual 129-125 road for Dallas.

With 1:40 on the clock and the Mavericks leading by nine in overtime, Kevin Durant stepped to the free throw line. Just as he was about to release a shot, though, a cup was launched from the stands toward the court and in the general direction of Doncic.

Fortunately, the cup did not hit Doncic or anyone else, and it may have been closer to Nets big man Nic Claxton, who was at the scorer’s table getting set to check in. With that lucky break, this incident did not escalate in any way, and there was simply a delay for clean-up and general confusion.

As details potentially emerge, perhaps the fan’s actions will come into clearer view but, regardless, this is the kind of thing that could be quite dangerous. All parties are fortunate as a result, and the Mavericks can leave Brooklyn in a positive mood after claiming a nice win.