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Jason Bateman’s Netflix Followup To ‘Ozark’ Followup Sounds Like It’s Coming Together

Do you miss Ozark? Of course you do. You are reading this post, after all, and you’ve seen the savage and shattering ending to the series. Showrunner Chris Mundy knows this and has been upfront about possible offshoots that have been “talked about a bunch,” but nothing is explicitly in the cards. Further, Jason Bateman revealed that his door isn’t entirely closed to the possibility of more Marty Byrde f*ck ups, but we really shouldn’t hold our breath to see anything soon.

That’s the case even though all Ozark devotees (including Ralph Macchio, as he recently told us) “miss it already.” Yet there’s some good news, which is that Jason Bateman is working on his next Netflix series, which is called Black Rabbit. Little to nothing is known about this show, other than that Bateman will star, executive produce, and direct. In addition, Young/New Pope star Jude Law will also executive produce and star. This sounds like the ultimate crossover but also something entirely different.

Deadline has the sparse details thus far:

Jason Bateman and Jude Law have teamed to develop Black Rabbit, a one-hour limited series for Netflix, Deadline has learned. Both are attached to star and executive produce and Bateman is set to direct. The drama hails from Bateman and Michael Costigan’s Aggregate Films, Law and Ben Jackson’s Riff Raff Entertainment, Zach Baylin and Kate Susman’s Youngblood Pictures and Automatik Entertainment.

Sooo not much there yet, but have hope. Bateman’s not only a force in front of the camera but also behind it. Speaking of which, have you seen The Outsider on HBO yet? If you have not, there’s something to tide you over until we hear more about Black Rabbit. More good TV is coming, y’all. We simply gotta be patient.

(Via Deadline)