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Oscar Isaac Has Made A Cosmic Noir Comic Book With His High School Friends

Oscar Isaac is officially living all our dreams. He may have been doing that before by starring in a Star War and embodying one of the weirder Marvel superheroes, but now he’s living another one of all our dreams: making a comic book with his childhood buddies.

Head Wounds: Sparrow features a detective with a permanent bullet wound in his head. The idea sprung from creator Robert Johnson after a cancer diagnosis left him with what he felt was an “invisible wound.” Johnson met Isaac back in high school in the sleepy hamlet of Lantana, Florida, alongside John Alvey. According to a feature in The Hollywood Reporter, the trio formed a band and made movies together, building the foundation for a life-long friendship. Now, they’re making comics together with the backing of Legendary Entertainment. Johnson and Alvey both have story credits, with veteran comic writer Brian Buccellato and artist Christian Ward in the drivers’ seats.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“A detective with a higher purpose feels the pain and wears the wounds of those he’s failed to protect, and there’s only one way to stop the bleeding: vengeance. As a divine battle of good and evil between Angels and Demons rages around him, can this crooked detective follow the straight-and-narrow to seek justice, or will he just save his own wounded skin as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance?”

Obviously, the natural question is whether or not this is bound for a film or series adaptation. The answer is a diplomatic: not yet. But if anything had an on-ramp to production, it’s this. Now, all Isaac has left to do is put out a ska album, and he’ll have achieved all of his high school dreams.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)