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‘I Can’t Grow Up,’ Tegan And Sara Declare In A Youthful ‘Tonight Show’ Performance

Letting go is hard, but Tegan And Sara make it look so easy! The indie pop duo stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to let their inner child out with a performance of the recent single “I Can’t Grow Up.” The single — released late last month to rollout their tenth studio album, Crybaby — is flooded with equal parts synths and raw emotion.

Pulling in their TV production experience, the set is strategically filled with flashing fluorescent lights perfectly timed with the track’s instrumentation. Standing behind their re-imagined album cover art, Tegan And Sara, along with their band, do what they do best, rock out.

Despite having a career spanning over a decade, the Canadian siblings still manage to keep their musical perspectives fresh. That’s partly out of necessity, as the genre’s turnover rate continues to increase due in part to social media platforms like TikTok. But, their evergreen approach can primarily be credited to their superlative songwriting abilities.

When discussing the album on Twitter, the group touched on this, writing, “the songs on Crybaby capture the tumultuous times of the pandemic, the professional trails, and tribulations we went through the last few years.” They added in the same post, “we went to the edge and we made it back with Crybaby.”

If Tegan And Sara’s music is the new poster child for the foundation of youth, we want in.

Watch their full performance above.

Crybaby is out now via Mom + Pop. Order it here.