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‘Severance’ Has Started Filming Season Two And Fans Are Having A Full-On (Waffle?) Party About The News

There have been quite a few Really Good New Shows this year and even though most of them have either dragons or medieval blondes or both dragons AND blondes, only one of them has Adam Scott, and that’s Severance (or that one miniseries with Maya Rudolph but that one doesn’t really count).

Apple TV+’s thriller premiered in February and quickly became a hit, racking up an impressive 14 Emmy nominations, and even though they didn’t win, they will surely have another shot when season two premieres (eventually). The second season just began filming, and AppleTV shared a first-look image featuring Adam Scott looking appropriately stressed out.

The series follows Mark, an employee at Lumon Industries, who becomes a part of the “severance” program after the death of his wife. This allows him to separate his “work” memories from his “life” memories, but slowly he realizes that things at a sketchy company that steals memories and exploits employees are not how they seem!

There are a lot of questions that we need to have answered in season two, though it will be some time before it graces our screens. It seems like that will be the case for a lot of good shows right now. But that doesn’t stop the internet from celebrating via Waffle Party gifs. Season two will feature the addition of Alia Shawkat, Gwendoline Christie, Merritt Wever, and Bob Balaban, so there is a lot to celebrate, after all!